Yin Solitare ring
Yin Solitare ring
Yin Solitare ring
Yin Solitare ring
Yin Solitare ring
Yin Solitare ring

Yin Solitare ring

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  • Limited edition
  • Element: Yin
  • Gemstone: Moissanite
  • Material: Silver
  • Silver Weight: 2,33
  • Customized order: If your preferred size and material is not available, please send us a special request! 

For those who don’t know, moissanite is a very rare mineral made from silicon carbide. It has many uses, particularly because it is one of the hardest gemstones that exist, which makes it very useful for industrial purposes of all kinds. Its strength, as well as its colorless brilliance, also makes it one beautiful stone for jewelry, especially moissanite engagement rings. Moissanite is the name given to a naturally occurring and laboratory-grown mineral made up of silicon carbide. Its occurrence in nature is extremely rare and has only been found in upper mantle rock and meteorites. Discoveries have shown moissanite occurs naturally as inclusions in diamonds, xenoliths, kimberlite, and lamproite. Discovered over 120 years ago, moissanite gems have come so far from being just silicon carbide. Today—because of its rarity—moissanite is lab grown with minimal environmental impact. Because of its durability, moissanite can be found in a variety of cuts, which give jewelry designers a plethora of options for moissanite engagement rings and other jewelry settings. People also often attribute love and romance to this gemstone. Because it is one of the strongest gemstones available, people say that it can represent a strong, unbreakable love between you and your significant other. And, as luck would have it, many retailers and jewelers have a selection of moissanite engagement rings. The spiritual significance is a rather unique one. The first moissanite was found in rock samples taken from a crater caused by a meteor. Since this made the stone basically a treasure from space, many people believe that it creates a stronger connection to the universe. And who says that they’re not right? It is also believed to be capable of reconnecting you with your “inner child,” which is something that many people might love.

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