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Dragon Spirit

Meet our Signature IS Dragon Collection: Dragon symbolises power, change, and spirituality. In some cultures, the dragon is a protector and is often associated with royalty. Dragons in Chinese culture symbolise great power, good luck, royalty, wealth and strength. The dragon spirit also symbolize self-love and empowerment. Inspired by the dragon spirit, combined with the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, we introduce you the extravagant and signature collection of G-GEM, IS Dragon Collection.

About G-GEm

The story of Gege began in the Qing Dynasty, it was the Manchu style of an imperial-born princess of an emperor. But who is Gege Wu-Shi? Entrepreneur, Miss Multiverse China, girl boss, a passionate jewellery lover, and above all a creative soul. Inspired by her life and travels in Beijing, Hong Kong, NYC and Munich, Gege decided to follow her dreams and found her own jewellery brand: G-Gem.

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